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Offer a square of silk: on what occasion?

cadeau de luxe carré de soie fabriqué en france

The silk scarf is an absolutely iconic and timeless accessory, which makes it an ideal gift when you want to please a loved one during a big event. It is a symbolic gift, which illustrates an important stage, or even to celebrate a more traditional holiday in any season: it can be offered throughout the year.

Here are some ideas for events, on the occasion of which you can offer a silk scarf:

  1. A birthday

    For a young woman who is blowing out twenty candles, for the transition to her thirties, for her forties, her fifties, and all the following tens, we think of offering a silk square .

    The silk scarf can be worn at all times of life. Each age has its own style and way of wearing it, playing with it, accessorizing its outfit. A silk scarf allows like no other fashion accessory to express one's creativity and style, throughout life. A birthday is an ideal opportunity to offer this must-have item in the women's wardrobe!

  2. Christmas

    It's not always obvious to find the chic and original gift to place at the foot of the tree, which is sure to please a member of the family more or less close. You can very well bet on a trendy silk square, a very soft and easy to wear luxury accessory with many looks. This choice allows you to combine the traditional Christmas side with a more fashionable and modern approach, with the silk squares CHAPITRE.

  3. Valentine's Day

    Here's a gentle gift idea to declare her love to her half, a feminine and trendy luxury item: the silk square, of course. We take care of the atmosphere, we light candles, and we offer a beautiful silk scarf illustrated with a glass of champagne and a few seasonal flowers: the effect will be guaranteed!

  4. Grandmother's Day

    Your lovely granny wore a silk square all her life, it's so nice to wear and so stylish ... And if we took advantage of her party to modernize a little his collection? We keep the idea of ​​a traditional silk square, made in France according to the rules of craftsmanship, and hand-rolled, and we choose a modern design from the collections of silk squares CHAPITRE.

  5. Mother's Day

    Who doesn't want to spoil their mom at their party? It's time to make a real declaration of tenderness to her mother with a silk scarf, feminine and elegant as a gift: there is no risk of being mistaken. One can naturally accompany this beautiful gift with a bouquet of spring flowers, and a small word of love handwritten.

  1. Father's Day

    Men can also wear a silk scarf! For example, the small 45 model, which is easily worn tied around the neck, tucked into the shirt collar. Tied around the wrist, folded into a pocket to be slipped into a suit pocket... You can also opt for the large model, which can be worn tied as a scarf or tie. A very elegant silk detail that can also take its place in the male wardrobe.

  2. A birth

    A very dear friend, your wife, your sister, your daughter has just had a baby? Her tastes, her morphology, many things will certainly change, and her wardrobe may well be turned upside down. A chic and feminine accessory to enhance her outfits will be more than welcome and will make her so happy.

  3. A chapter

    Life is full of surprises and there is nothing linear about it. For each new chapter, it is good to offer yourself or be offered a symbolic object. CHAPITRE illustrated silk squares exist for this. Objects of softness, made in France. When carrying out big projects, to give yourself courage, to mark a milestone. A gift that you can give to yourself, or a gesture of attention to someone you love.

You will have understood that a CHAPITRE silk square is the ideal gift to offer to all fashion lovers and trendy men, and this, on many occasions, throughout the year and throughout life.

CHAPITRE silk scarves are 100% silk, made in France and rolled by hand. Made to last, enhance your style and accompany you for many years.

To know whether it is better to choose a small 45 square or a large 90 square to offer, find here our article on this subject.

Each CHAPITRE silk square is delivered to you in its white case, wrapped in a delicately tied ribbon; it is all ready to be offered.

Find here our collections of silk scarves made in France.


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