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Choosing your silk scarf: small or large format?

carré de soie accessoire de mode luxe femme

A luxury silk scarf is a fashion accessory timeless and will fit perfectly into your look. It is still necessary to know which format to favor. Are you wondering which one is made for you: small silk square with a side of 45 cm or large silk square with a side of 90 cm?
How will it look? ? Which one best suits your body type? Should you wear it as the key piece of your look or more subtly, as a detail?

We tell you all about the match silk scarf 45 VS silk scarf 90.

1. The silk scarf worn in the hair

It is possible to wear a small square in your hair, just as much as a large square. Only, the rendering will be completely different!

To make a turban, a headband or headband with wide sides, or a scarf loosely tied quickly on the back of the neck, we use alarge square 90. There are many ways to make a pretty turban or a glamorous headband, letting a few strands of hair stick out, playing with the lengths of the sides... These original hairstyles with women's silk scarf are undeniably the strong point in a trendy look, so we dare, and we don't hesitate!
To make a tie like a ribbon on a ponytail or a low bun, we will take a small square 45, which will bring a silky touch of color, a fashionable detail to our hairstyle.

To wear your square like a scarf or as a tight headband (and if you have a small head), again, it's the small size that we prefer.

2. The silk scarf tied as a belt around the waist

Here again, both options are possible.

For a wider, more supple look, take a large 90s scarf and fold it flat diagonally. You can play on the width of the fold to modulate the height of the belt!

We choose to tie this silky band thus formed, on the front, the side, or in the back by making a pretty swelling knot. You can also hide the sides of the knot by folding them back.

We favor a very simple dress or blouse, to highlight your square and emphasize your waist.

For the tiniest women, with an hourglass figure, the square 45 can work. It is rolled up tightly and a small knot is made on the front, before tucking the small sections on each side into the belt thus formed.

It is also possible to wrap a large square of 90 silk around an existing belt in order to accessorize! And the same operation is possible for all morphologies with a small 45 silk scarf, which will be rolled up only on the front of the belt, without going around the waist.

3. A silk scarf around the neck

Again, the choice will be mainly a question of style.

For a draped look, like a scarf or a shawl, we will naturally choose the silk scarf 90. It can be worn folded in 2 in the shape of a triangle on one shoulder and tied on the opposite shoulder, or wrapped snugly around the neck, the flaps folded down and tied at the front. The point of the triangle formed by the folding of the silk scarf can be worn on the front or on the back. You can also opt for a more masculine tie knot, offset by the softness of shiny silk.

The 45 silk scarf around the neck is worn like a subtle detail, it almost looks like a necklace! As well as for the large square, we wear the tip of the triangle on the front as well as on the back according to our desire and our look. You can tuck it into a shirt collar or wear it over your jacket: anything goes!

4. A square of silk around the wrist

To wear the silk scarf as an original bracelet or a cuff, the large square 90 would be far too bulky: you have to use the small square 45 . It is the ideal format for all wrists. You can fold it in 2, triangle format, wrap it around the wrist and then tie it. Or even make a strip in the diagonal, which you also tie by inflating the sides according to your desires. A detail that protrudes from a sleeve, or a colorful and soft caress on a bare arm; it's as you want! You can also add play accumulation and add bracelets on top.

5. The silk scarf as a top

A truly original way to wear your square: tie it as a top. It is obvious that we use the large model 90! There are different ways to tie a large silk scarf as a top, we will come back to this in a future article.

6. The silk scarf as a bag accessory

The choice of format will depend on where you want to place your silk scarf and the size of the bag.

To accessorize a small handle, take a size 45 silk square that you wrap around the handle, tied tight on each side to hold it. To make a feminine knot on the side of the handle, we still choose the small size. We puff out the ears of the knot, or we are satisfied with longer and smooth sections to decorate our bag.

On the other hand, to create a shoulder strap (yes, it's possible!) you fold your large 90 silk scarf diagonally to obtain a long strip of silk and tie it firmly to the loop fasteners provided for this purpose on the bag. You can also accessorize a large bag by tying its large square to one of the handles, as for the small format.

We will easily agree that the score is equal, small and large squares are both winners of this match: you are now the sole arbiter, to know which format of silk square was able to conquer your fashionista heart!


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