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a word from the creator

“It seems to me that our lives are made up of successive phases,
inside which we are both ourselves,
and at the same time always a little different.

That our lives are sequenced in cycles, in chapters,
which begin and which end
according to the founding events of our existence.

In 2020, I became a mother.
The first year as a mother is a very special era
in a woman's life - even more so when you become
mother of twins.
When my children turned one,
I needed to mark this new chapter.
I wanted to incorporate this major change in my life into my style.

I wanted a scarf... soft, enveloping, with a refined design,
who could marry easily with a majority
pieces from my wardrobe,
and that I will keep all my life.
And I wanted to create this scarf.
This is how CHAPTER was born.

It’s an adventure at the crossroads of 3 universes:
illustration, literature and fashion.
I am an illustrator and luxury artistic director,
with stylist training.

I live and work in Paris.
Close to the world of perfume, my creative worlds
involve luxury and beauty, floral worlds, fashion photography.
Literature, nature, travel also inspire me
and it is with the softness of silk squares
that I can fully express my creativity. »

Marie, creator of CHAPTER