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How to tie your silk square in your hair?

Comment nouer son carré de soie dans les cheveux ?

Silk scarves are fashion accessories with multiple uses, which bring a touch of fantasy and elegance to your style, and complete an outfit.

Here's how to tie a silk scarf in your hair in a few very simple steps.

1. Choose the perfect silk scarf

It is important to choose a good quality silk bob in order to obtain an elegant look, and a hairstyle that holds in place throughout the day and does not electrify the hair.
First of all, choose a silk scarf of at least 90 cm. Square scarves work well for this technique, but you can also experiment with rectangular scarves to achieve different looks. Make sure the scarf is clean and properly steamed for a neat appearance.

2. Place the scarf flat, with the printed side placed on the support. Fold 2 opposite corners towards the center, and place them point to point in the center of the silk square. Then, fold the sides towards the center to form a strip, as long as possible diagonally across the square.

tie silk scarf in hair

3. Position the strip formed by the folded square of silk well centered at the back of the head. Bring the corners forward and tie at the forehead.

tutorial for tying a square of silk in your hair

4. Tie a second knot over the first and tighten well to secure the hold of the silk square.

tutorial on styling your hair with a silk scarf

5. Tuck the excess ends of the silk scarf into the headband thus formed. Finalize the hairstyle, adjust the headband and any folds.

6. Finalize your look

Complete your outfit with matching accessories, like chunky earrings, to add a touch of sophistication to your look.

There you have it, you have successfully tied a silk scarf into an original headband. This technique allows you to create a unique and sophisticated hairstyle, and to add a touch of originality and elegance that will finalize your outfit!

You can browse the online store looking for the perfect silk square model to achieve this original hairstyle!

tutorial tying silk scarf in hair


Nouer son carré de soie en top
Nouer son carré de soie en top

L'été approche, on a envie d'originalité et de se démarquer avec un look inattendu.

Pourquoi ne pas se servir de son grand carré de soie pour créer un top ?

Découvrez ici un tuto pour nouer son carré de soie en top tendance.

Une méthode très simple, étape par étape, pour apprendre à faire un top avec un foulard de soie  : un look tendance, original, parfait pour l'été.

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Whether you opt for a casual bow on the shoulder or transform your square into an elegant top, CHAPTER Paris brings you its best fashion advice, so that you can explore these different ways to style your most beautiful silk squares.
Guide Complet d'Entretien pour vos Carrés de Soie
Complete Care Guide for your Silk Squares

Start with a gentle hand washing session, using lukewarm water and mild soap. Let your square air dry. A steamer or iron on low heat, a fine protective cloth, and meticulous attention are the keys to removing wrinkles without compromising the delicacy of the fabric.