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Complete Care Guide for your Silk Squares

Guide Complet d'Entretien pour vos Carrés de Soie

Silk is a noble and delicate material, which deserves careful attention to maintain its beauty and the vibrancy of its colors . Follow this detailed guide, whichreveals all our tips and tricks to guarantee an optimal lifespan for your precious CHAPTER silk squares , made in France and rolled by hand . The intense colors of your luxury CHAPTER scarves and in particular their intense blacks require particular care in terms of maintenance.

Silk, through its delicacy, great strength and softness, has always been synonymous with elegance. When it comes to your silk squares made in France , it is essential to preserve the vibrancy of their colors and printed patterns. In this comprehensive guide, we explore in-depth the best care practices to ensure your statement fashion accessories maintain their splendor over the years.

1. Wash with Love and Care

Start with a gentle hand washing session, using lukewarm water and mild soap. Avoid harsh chemicals that could alter the fineness of the silk. Rinse carefully with lukewarm water to avoid thermal shock, which is harmful to the silk fiber. This gentle washing process is important to preserve the texture and vibrant colors of your silk squares.

2. Natural drying

Let your square air dry.

Once your printed scarf is dry, you can smooth it using a steamer to remove unwanted creases. You can also iron it with a silk program; in this case, place a protective cloth between the iron and the square in order to protect your silk as much as possible from too close proximity to the heat. To summarize: a steamer or iron at low temperature, a fine protective cloth, and meticulous attention are the keys to removing wrinkles without compromising the delicacy of the fabric. You will thus be able to ensure the longevity of your printed silk scarves while preserving their natural softness.

3. Neat storage

Place your square flat on a clean surface, and fold it to obtain a smaller square: fold a small 45 square twice on itself, 4 times a large 90 square. Then, you can delicately arrange your silk squares in your CHAPTER box . Well sheltered in their case, they will be easy to organize in your dressing room and will thus be protected snags, dust and light .Indeed, it is important to avoid excessive exposure to the sun; this could alter the colors. However, this should not prevent you from wearing your favorite bobs as a top or in your hair during the summer!


By following these detailed instructions, you will have all the information you need to expertly care for your silk squares . Extend the life of your exceptional pieces made in France, while maintaining their shine and timeless elegance. Take care of your luxury silk accessories, and your silk scarf will maintain a shine that lasts over time. 🌟✨


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