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The Essential Fashion Trends for Wearing Your Silk Squares in 2024

Les Incontournables Tendances Mode pour Porter vos Carrés de Soie en 2024


In 2024, silk scarves are much more than just an accessory. They become a style statement, an expression of your creativity. Discover with CHAPTER Paris the essential fashion trends for tying your silk squares made in France with elegance and modernity.

CHAPTER Paris's silk squares have the particularity of their unique dominant color, combined with intense black for a rock and elegant touch. Model with green jungle patterns, mythical bird printed on yellow silk square, blue night with floral patterns for a soft blue decor... All your favorite silk scarves are made in France with love and rolled by hand. In this new year, explore with us the fashion trends that will redefine the way you wear your silk scarves in 2024.

1. The Casual Shoulder Knot

Adopt a casual style by tying your silk square at the shoulder. This trend exudes a carefree elegance, perfect for a sophisticated yet casual look. Fold your square diagonally, with the longest side facing right side, and simply tie the ends using a double knot over your shoulder. The patterns of your square will be clearly visible on the drape thus formed.

2. The Chic Belt

Transform your silk square into an elegant belt. For wasp waists, a 45 square rolled up on itself can act as a belt. The large square 90 also offers this possibility. This printed and colorful detail adds a touch of sophistication to your outfit; a subtle way to play with fashion codes while highlighting your personality.

3. The Elegance of the Headband

Wrap your beautiful silk square around your head to create a refined headband. This timeless trend is making a comeback, offering simple elegance that suits any occasion. Discover here one of our guides to tie your bob into an elegant and original hairstyle.

4. The Art of Top Folding

Dare to be creative by transforming your silk square into an elegant top. To do this, you will need a large 90 square folded in two diagonally. You can tie it at the neck for an elegant look, or dare to wear a crop top by tying it at the back. A daring way to twist your silk scarf to make it a unique fashion piece.

5. The Glamor of the Bag Accessory

Bring a touch of glamor to your bag by delicately tying your silk square around the handle. Play on the ears with a bouncy knot, or let the tails float freely. This subtle trend adds a note of sophistication to any bag, giving it a unique and personal style.

6. The silky bracelet

Using a small square of 45 silk folded on itself diagonally, you will obtain a strip of silk with beautiful colorful patterns. Wrap this scarf around your wrist to create a pretty bracelet, soft to the touch.

A variation of this idea is to use the same bracelet, this time tied around the ankle, on bare skin, with pumps, sandals, or even a pair of sneakers. Guaranteed effect!

7. The ornament on a hat

For this fashion idea, it is necessary to use a large 90 square, folded on itself diagonally to obtain a long strip. Tie it at the base of your favorite hat, and leave the sides free, or play with the ears and the bouffant of the knot, as you wish! Here is our favorite hat, now adorned with beautiful silky colors and an elegant and original fashion detail.

In this year 2024, the evolution of fashion trends linked to silk squares offers a wide range of possibilities to express your own style and play with textures and colors. Silk squares, once considered classic accessories, are today the essential touch to express a sharp, personal and contemporary style. Silk squares are no longer limited to the simple function of neck warmer; they have evolved to become integral fashion pieces of the modern wardrobe.

Whether you opt for a casual bow on the shoulder or transform your square into an elegant top, CHAPTER Paris brings you the fashion advice so that you can explore these different ways of styling your precious silk squares. With CHAPTER silk scarves, printed with delicate patterns, made in France and rolled by hand, your look is adorned with an elegant and refined je-ne-sais-quoi. Explore your creativity and give your style a more personal touch, the fashion detail that will make the difference with CHAPTER Paris. 🌟✨


Comment porter son carré de soie en été ?
Comment porter son carré de soie en été ?

Il fait chaud, très chaud, et vous vous dites que vos carrés de soie sont coincés dans votre dressing jusqu'à l'automne. Quelle erreur !

Voici quelques idées stylées, faciles à réaliser, pour continuer à arborer votre foulard de soie Chapitre tout l'été.

Nouer son carré de soie en top
Nouer son carré de soie en top

L'été approche, on a envie d'originalité et de se démarquer avec un look inattendu.

Pourquoi ne pas se servir de son grand carré de soie pour créer un top ?

Découvrez ici un tuto pour nouer son carré de soie en top tendance.

Une méthode très simple, étape par étape, pour apprendre à faire un top avec un foulard de soie  : un look tendance, original, parfait pour l'été.

Guide Complet d'Entretien pour vos Carrés de Soie
Complete Care Guide for your Silk Squares

Start with a gentle hand washing session, using lukewarm water and mild soap. Let your square air dry. A steamer or iron on low heat, a fine protective cloth, and meticulous attention are the keys to removing wrinkles without compromising the delicacy of the fabric.